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Wealth Management Process

We offer an integrated approach to addressing the complexities of your financial life. We start by discovering your true intentions, your goals and objectives . By spending the time and effort to understand your goals, we gain the knowledge and insight necessary to evaluate your wealth in terms of your life. Through our process, we very often uncover issues that were not defined by our clients. We also may uncover disconnects that exist between your current situation and your stated plans and objectives. Our detailed information gathering process provides us with the knowledge to implement new courses of action. The result is an action plan, your Customized Wealth Management Plan, that allows you to achieve financial wellness and provides you and your family with a well-founded confidence that you are making sound decisions.

While every family’s planning needs are unique, our integrated and ongoing planning process allows us to understand your specific situation, gather important data, formulate recommendations, implement your plan, and review and monitor the progress of your plans.

Our structured process will:

  •  Identify Your Current Situation

  •  Identity Your Goals & Objectives

  •  Determine the Disconnects

  •  Develop Your Customized Wealth Management Plan

  •  Implement Your Customized Wealth Management Plan

  •  Monitor Your Customized Wealth Management Plan

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