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Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection Planning is the process of organizing your financial affairs so that your assets are protected from claims of future creditors. The concept of asset protection has been around for many years and affluent families have always structured their holdings to insure that their wealth would remain intact and inviolate as it passed from one generation to another.

In recent years, the threat of lawsuits, business reversals, divorce and actions by government regulators has made every business owner, property owner and professional acutely aware of the need to create some form of asset protection. The asset protection plan must accomplish its primary purpose of sagely insulating and preserving family assets from any kind of attack. If a structure is not properly established within the appropriate time period and within the correct mechanisms in place, the hoped for asset protection features will not be available

With GSG, you and your family will enjoy an individually tailored Asset Protection Plan that will be coordinated and implemented with the other pieces of your customized wealth management plan.

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