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Estate Planning

 We can help you develop and implement a custom and integrated estate plan that attempts to maximize your tax advantages while providing sufficient liquidity to cover estate taxes and settlement costs for your family. Even if you already have an estate plan, many events can trigger the need for a review or additional estate planning such as: the purchase or sale of a house and/or family business, marriage, divorce, the death of a spouse, beneficiary, trustee or executor, the birth of a child or grandchild, a significant change in your net worth (stock option vesting or inheritance), changes in financial objectives, and changes in the tax laws. Periodic reviews of your estate plan could prevent a major issue from developing in the future.

GSG is familiar with estate planning opportunities for affluent families. In addition to dealing with complicated issues associated with intergenerational planning, our firm has assisted with the implementation of estate planning strategies such as:

  •  Family Limited Partnerships

  •  Grantor-Retained Annuity Trusts

  •  Personal Residence Trusts

  •  Dynasty Trusts and other Generation-Skipping Transfers

  •  Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

  •  Charitable Remainder and Lead Trusts

  •  Private Family Charitable Foundations

  •  Private Annuities

  •  Asset Protection Trusts

With GSG, you and your family will enjoy an individually tailored estate plan based exclusively on your specific goals and objectives.

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