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Insurance Planning

Whether your wealth management objectives involve only your family or your business, insurance may be an important part of your long-term strategy. We offer advice, planning and assessment of insurance strategies used to protect your family, your business and your wealth. While insurance strategies are helpful under certain conditions, they are not always necessary. We will first determine your goals and objectives in life and than analyze how the various insurance vehicles available including, life, disability, long-term care and other risk management tools may assist you and your family. We also analyze your current insurance plan to ensure that it is serving your needs in a cost effective and efficient manner. If additional planning is warranted, we will assist you in objectively evaluating how such insurance planning may assist you, identifying providers to solve your insurance needs and coordinating the implementation of the new insurance plan.

GSG is affiliated with Valens Group LLC, an independent insurance brokerage firm specializing in the placement of insurance vehicles serving the needs of affluent individuals, families and closely-held businesses. Clients of GSG are in no way obligated or expected to use the services of Valens Group LLC.

Insurance Agent
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